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The Great Reshuffle


As workforce churn continues in this era called The Great Reshuffle, employers are seeking more ways to attract and keep top talent. Retention in key roles is a challenge; employees are looking for major upgrades in their current roles, or walking to find a better situation. So how do you retain your workers in this competitive labor market? And is it possible to do that while lowering costs?


Building Better Benefits

Benefits packages represent an excellent opportunity for employers to add major value for their employees and can even create loyalty. Instead of just picking a few standard options for employees to choose from, taking the time to craft tailored benefits packages that fit individual employees' preferences shows your employees you care about them and their unique needs and goals. It also ensures that you're not wasting resources on packages not everyone wants. Learn more about personalized employee benefits in our previous blog post on the topic here.


Investing in Employees' Futures

Retirement plans are another great way to entice new workers and reduce turnover. From contribution matching to implementing financial wellness programs, encouraging and guiding your employees toward long-term financial stability can only benefit both you and your workforce. A retirement plan paired with an effective communication strategy reduces employee stress by giving them the tools to feel secure in their future; and less stressed employees means more engaged, loyal, and productive employees.


How can Arista Consulting help?

Arista is your one partner for building benefits and retirement plans for your workforce. We have been helping employers craft packages that do more for less since long before The Great Reshuffle. Through our proprietary processes, we take the time to understand all your needs and then do the hard part for you, using our wealth of experience and resources to build a blueprint for your new benefits plan, finding cost-saving opportunities and supporting you and your employees through every step of the way.

Speak to an Arista expert today to take your benefits packages to the next level so you can get and keep a full bench of valued employees.